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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Hernandez is has truly made my son's dental experience wonderful! She takes her time has an endless amount of patience and truly cares about him and his needs! He has come such a long way with her! Everyone in the office is so understanding and helpful! It's a friendly and loving environment. We are forever grateful to her for everything she has done to help my son, we would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Dr. H and your wonderful staff!"

- Jennifer

"We are deeply grateful to know and to have experienced the care of Dr. Hernandez. Six years ago when our Autistic daughter Maya had a crisis with her dental care, we were devastated. Maya was in severe pain, and other dentists would have us wait weeks for surgery. By sheer luck we were put in touch with Dr. Hernandez . She took us under her wing, arranged and performed a speedy and effective surgery, and took personal care of the many details needed to make our daughter comfortable. She wrote stories to help prepare Maya for the surgery, and trained everyone in the hospital – from the anesthesiologist to the nurses – to ensure the lowest stress and best outcome possible.

As amazing as this experience was, the years since have shown a different side of Dr. Hernandez’s talent and passion. Dr. Hernandez has formidable expertise in training children. She took our child, who could not tolerate having her teeth brushed, and helped her evolve into a child who now independently cares for her own teeth and understands the need to do so. Maya is now so comfortable with dental care that dentists with no expertise in treating disabled children can treat her.

Our whole family has learned much from Dr. Hernandez. Her approach to dentistry and teaching has helped Maya to mature and to manage other aspects of her personal grooming. These same techniques have proved valuable as we begin the oral care of our younger son who has no special needs. Whether dealing with routine care or a crisis, disabled or typical children, Dr. Hernandez’s mix of compassion and expertise are unrivaled, and can benefit families more than they might ever imagine."

- Dan and Claude

"We are lucky to have Dr. Hernandez as our pediatric dentist. My sons, Aidan, age 6, and Connor, age 3, both began seeing her at the age of two. She has made it a positive experience for them from the start. They look forward to their visits there to play in the amazing office and are not apprehensive at all about having their teeth cleaned. She is so patient with the children and takes the time to explain everything to them. Her use of sensory integration and behavioral techniques acknowledges that it can be an overwhelming experience for a small child and makes it into a comfortable one. They are on the path of good dental health which is such a key component of overall good health."

- Kim Kerney

"Our journey in finding a dentist for our children ended a few years ago! We are extremely grateful for the personal commitment that Dr. Purnima Hernandez has made and continues to make for our children. Dr. Hernandez's dedication to each of our children and their special needs is unique and priceless.

My oldest son, Justin, who is autistic, first went to see Dr. Hernandez at age 10. Before he became a patient of Dr. Hernandez, due to certain behavioral issues typical of autistic children, Justin never had a cleaning by a dentist nor had an x-ray taken. However, after a few months as a patient of Dr. Hernandez, Justin had his first cleaning and x-rays and Dr. Hernandez was even able to extract a baby tooth. His visits to the dentist have become almost routine. In fact, Justin has now been wearing braces for over a year and the process that Justin went through with Dr. Hernandez undoubtedly was responsible for the ability of the orthodontist to put on the braces and to continue to make the necessary orthodontic adjustments on a regular basis without issue.

Dr. Hernandez also treats my youngest son, Brandon, who is autistic as well. She worked with Brandon for several months desensitizing him to all of the dental equipment and the unique noises of the drills - all in preparation for a filling that was successfully completed.

Dr. Hernandez, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You have made a visit to the dentist for our children (once seen as a nightmare to us) a pleasant experience. Even my typical six year old daughter, Katherine, looks forward to her dentist visits."

- Philip and Maria Ehrlich

"I know Dr. Hernandez both as a parent and a professional. I feel so blessed to have her take care of my children. As a child, just the thought of going to the dentist brought fear to me. She brings a level of compassion to my children that I had never experienced going to the dentist myself. She truly has a heart for what she does."

- Melissa

"My son knocked his two front teeth at age 3 and needed to have one of them removed. Naturally I was scared and apprehensive about putting a squirming, frightened toddler through this procedure. My fears were immediately addressed and calmed as Dr. Hernandez worked her magic as my son sat in my lap and had the tooth removed painlessly. I have been coming here to Bergen Pediatic Dentistry for 5 years and the care is outstanding. My kids look forward to their visits, and always wave as we drive by the office. I highly recommend Dr Hernandez to all my friends and their families."

- Hanna Vazquez

"My daughter is blind and physically and intellectually disabled, and had such a tough time going to the dentist that we once had to put her under general anesthesia to get her through what should have been a simple dental procedure. Dr. Hernandez is a miracle worker-- her calming voice, multisensory techniques and amazing patience have turned my little spitfire into a model patient."

- Linda Thomas, NJ