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Purnima Hernandez, DDS, M.A., BCBA

Purnima Hernandez is a board-certified pediatric dentist and behavior analyst who has been serving the communities of New York and New Jersey for over 20 years. Dr. Hernandez received her education in Pediatric Dentistry at Columbia University College of Dental medicine. After serving as an Assistant Professor for many years in the department of Pediatric dentistry she decided to pursue a career in the clinical practice of pediatric dentistry. She joined a well-known pediatric dentistry group in New Jersey where she served as a partner for a number of years. In 2005 she established her own office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. She enjoys working with ALL children regardless of ability. Her special interests are treating children with special healthcare needs, anxieties, phobias and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Hernandez has a passion for treating children, and every child is her child when it comes to providing care. Dr. Hernandez is also a parent of a child with multiple disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is an advocate not just for her own child but other children in the community and children in her practice. Dr. Hernandez is known in the country for her work in behavior management and lectures across the nation by invitation at conferences. You can review her lecture schedule under Professional Presentations on the website. She has spoken to audiences on various topics related to disability such as health, advocacy, therapy, and special needs dentistry, and has authored and co-authored articles related to disability issues. In the past, she has served as a Council Member on the Council of Developmental Disabilities in New Jersey and a board member of Disability Rights New Jersey.

Her ultimate goal is not just to deliver dental care but also to teach her little people to accept it. There is a strong educational focus in her work along with the management of the disease processes such as dental cavities. In an effort to help children tolerate their visits to the dentist, Dr. Hernandez uses behavioral techniques to help children accept dental care. Dr. Hernandez focuses on teaching her patients the skills that will allow them to sit appropriately in an office chair and receive treatment. She believes children can learn to receive routine treatment in a conventional manner through proper supports in the dental office just as they do in the daily living skills.

She is currently pursuing a certification in Functional Medicine. She has completed three of the seven modules. Her goal is to better understand the body and its processes in regards to nutrition and stress-related issues. This interest was sparked by the need for preventative suggestions keeping conventional dentistry and medicine intact. She is always lingering in the frontier of medicine to explore new possibilities of interventions but remains grounded in evidence-based scientific procedures.

She was awarded the Dr. Solomon Rosenstein Visiting Professorship and Fellowship by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine for her contribution to the field of special needs dentistry. She was also awarded the Francis Black Humanitarian award in health care by Friends Health Connection, an award that recognizes individuals from New Jersey's health care facilities who are an extraordinary inspiration to others.

Dr Hernandez and her practice were featured in an article in the Journal of American Dental Association , two television news stories (CBS and NJN), as well as the subject of an in-depth article in the New Jersey Star Ledger

In her free time she enjoys being a wife and mother to Naryan and Sophia. She loves to blog cooking (From Chef H's Kitchen) to encourage her extended family to eat clean and fresh. She enjoys dancing Salsa on 2 and working out. Meditation and Yoga is an important part of her fabric and she brings it to her patients and parents. She loves to read daily and publishes occasionally. She describes herself as a life enthusiast and believes happiness lies within. She looks forward to meeting you.

Current Appointment
2006 - Present Proprietor
Bergen Pediatric Dentistry, LLC
2002 - Present Hospital Staff
St. Joseph's Medical Center, NJ

Honors and Awards
2008 Frances Black Humanitarian Award in Healthcare
2006 Dr. Solomon Rosenstein Visiting Professorship and Fellow
1989 - 1990 United Cerebral Palsy Fellowship
1988 Clarks Fellowship, Columbia University, NY
1986 Best student award, Nair Hospital, Mumbai
1986 Dr. Menino De Souza Award, Nair Hospital, Mumbai
Media Appearances
2008 Featured on Primus Notes cover story, Columbia University College of Medicine Publication
2007 Featured on Dental Reports article called "Raising Expectations"
2007 Featured on Star Ledger newspaper article called "Filling a Need"
2007 Featured on NJN TV news story on Special Needs Dentistry
2007 Featured on CBS TV news story on Special Needs Dentistry
2007 Featured on People and Families magazine article called "A Dentist on a Mission"

Publications - Articles and Newsletters

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Hernandez, P. Ikkanda Z. Applied behavior analysis: behavior management of children with autism spectrum disorders in dental environments. J Am Dent Assoc. 2011 Mar;142(3):281-7

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Dr. Julia Guerrier, DDS
As a mom, Dr. Julia Guerrier understands what it is like to be a parent and wants the best treatment and care for each child. Through compassion and patience, Dr. Julia ensures that she treats each child as if her own, customizing a treatment plan made for each patient.

Dr. Julia earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish at the University of Virginia, a post-graduate certificate in Biochemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University, and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Howard University College of Dentistry. Dr. Julia went on to complete her General Practice Residency at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, NY.

Upon graduation, she returned to her home state of Virginia and worked at a pediatric practice for several years. In this role, Dr. Julia had the opportunity to instill healthy habits, create enjoyable experiences, and witness many of her pediatric patients’ growth and development. This experience solidified Dr. Julia’s interest in pediatric dentistry and as a result, she decided to enhance her pediatric dentistry expertise at BronxCare Health System. Using the American Academy of Pediatric Dental Guidelines and current literature as her template, she mastered the latest minimally invasive dentistry techniques, preventative and restorative treatment, extractions, and performing treatment under both N2O and sedation. She is currently researching sleep-disordered breathing and hopes to offer treatment for this disorder in the very near future.

Dr. Julia is passionate about community service and mission work. Highlights have included volunteering at and translating Spanish for a Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Clinic, organizing numerous dental community events (both in the United States and abroad), and participating in a number of dental mission trips to Haiti, Honduras, Ukraine, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Through these activities, Dr. Julia has learned the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle and raising dental awareness.

In her spare time, Dr. Julia enjoys reading, traveling, dancing Salsa and Merengue, and spending time with her young daughter Zoe. New to the area, Dr. Julia also looks forward to exploring Fair Lawn, meeting new people, and serving this amazing community.